TK Dancers Win Nationals in Florida 2016!!

Congratulations to the TK dancers who attended Show Time Dance Challenge Nationals in Orlando, Florida: Top Studio Champs!!

Dancers: Ty M, Angelique M, Merralees B, Hannah T, Ashlyn P-S, Isabelle M, Hannah S, Amelia G, Mackenzie G, Alexis N, Katie M, Ethan B, Peyton S, Alana S, Emily P and Cierra B.

National Sr Title Winner: Alana Stevenson

Highest scoring routine “I” of the Storm, top choreography awards “remove All Traces” ” The Wolf”, “I” of the Storm.

Scholarship winners: Isabelle Matias & Ashlyn Pottie-Smith

Congratulations to all the dancers who were selected for the dance off!!
Dance off results:
Winners- “Over You” (Sr Small Group) and “I will For You ” Ethan Bucholtz
3rd runner up “The Wolf” (Teen Small group)
2nd Runner Up “Stray Cat” Ashlyn Pottie-Smith
1st Runner Up “Around a Memory” (Sr Small Group)
1st Runner Up ” Remove All Traces” Alana Stevenson
1st Runner Up “Higher Love” Katie Millar
1st Runner Up “I” Of the Storm (Teen Large Group)