TK Danceworx Studio Policies

Class Cancellations

Remember your child’s progress depends on class attendance and practice at home. Occasionally, the studio must be closed for increment weather. Information regarding closure will be posted on the Studio website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and time permitting on local radio stations. No make-up classes are offered if classes are cancelled due to weather or if you miss a class.

Dress Code

    For Pre Dance Classes:
  • Bodysuit and Tights (Any Colour)
  • Pink Ballet Shoes
  • Ballet Skirt if desired
    For Ballet Classes:
  • Bodysuit and Tights (Any Colour)
  • Ballet Shoes
  • Ballet Skirt if desired
    For Tap Classes:
  • Dancewear (Any Colour)
  • Black Tap Shoes
    For Jazz Classes:
  • Dancewear (Any Colour)
  • Black Ballet or Jazz Shoes
    For Hip Hop Classes:
  • Hip hop dance clothes (no jeans) or athletic wear
  • Indoor shoes (clean) - used in studio only. No street shoes
    For Acro Classes:
  • Body Suit (Any Colour)
  • Bare Feet
  • Dance Shorts if desired
    Special Consideration for Boys:
  • T-Shirt and Athletic Shorts
  • Shoes based on class style
  • * Hair must be pulled back out of face
  • * Label everything with student’s first & last name
  • * Please ensure your child has everything with them before you leave.

Rules for Students

  • No Interruptions during instruction.
  • No chewing gum in class.
  • Quiet tap shoes when not dancing.
  • Keep hands to your self.
  • Please do not touch the mirrors.
  • No hanging on the bars.
  • Ask the teacher before using the bathroom during class.
  • Have respect and consideration for other students.
  • No food or drinks in the dance rooms except for water.
  • No outdoor footwear PAST the front desk.
  • Dance shoes are not to be worn outsides make sure you have other shoes to come and go with.
  • You must stay in the studio or student waiting area until your parents come to pick you up.
  • No students in the office.
  • No cell phones during class.
  • Have respect for other students outside of class and on social media.

* Parents must go over these rules with their child before they begin class.

Rules for Parents

  • For teachers to keep your child’s attention in class, parents must either wait in the waiting area or outside. We have provided classroom viewing via the Monitor in the waiting area.
  • Please keep the waiting area quiet during classes.
  • Please make sure your child has gone to the bathroom before class.
  • Please be courteous to the other students and have your child to class on time.
  • For safety of your child and courtesy of the teacher and other classes, please be sure to pick up your child promptly.
  • Please do not allow any siblings to run around and be disruptive during class time.
  • The student waiting area is for students and staff only.
  • Please remember to look for newsletters in your email, on the website or on the front desk at studio. All letters and announcements will also be posted in the studio, on the website, Facebook and on Twitter.