TK's Competitive Team

(Ages: 5 years to Adult)


Being part of the T.K. Danceworx Competitive Team is a very rewarding experience that will make memories that last a lifetime. Your child will form friendships and team bonds that will continue on for years to come.

Being a part of this team requires a large dedication from the dancer and full support from their families. It is geared to the SERIOUS students who loves dancing and working hard, looking to achieve their maximum potential in the art of Dance. You MUST be willing to commit a lot of time and energy to it. Like other competitive sports, you get out what you put in. A minimum level of hours in multiple disciplines are required to meet competitive standards. If your child has many other interests, this may not be the activity for them. Dancing should take a high priority in your life. This is a team sport and dancers must attend ALL rehearsals and workshops. Rehearsals and workshops will take place both weekdays and on the weekends. Please consider if you are willing to commit to the team before joining. Once you are on the team and been selected for routines, everyone is counting on you to be there to practice hard and perform to the best of your ability.

Although the commitment is large, so are the benefits. Dancers improve in their techniques, abilities, stage presence and build confidence to meet challenges in their life. Seeing the dancers perform is really a wonderful joy. Many alumni students attribute some of their future success to the time they spent at T.K. Danceworx.


T.K. Danceworx Competitive Team isn’t just about the competitions. Opportunities vary from year to year, but the development of the dancer through the competitive programs has led to numerous once in a lifetime opportunities such as

  • Representing Canada in International Dance Competitions
  • Selected for and attended International Scholarships and Competitions
  • Selected for Workshops run by Industry Leading Choreographers
  • Opportunities to work with Big Names in the Dance entertainment Industry
  • Admissions into Dance School Programs such Quinte Ballet School, Royal Winnipeg Ballet, York University and George Brown College.

TK Competitive team has also performed at the Hedley Concert, Harlem Globetrotters, opening ceremonies for the 2012 Special Olympics and have made appearances in Music Videos. No other studio in Kingston has given such opportunity and life experiences to their dancers.